prayers for samhain

Hel - solemn and just queen of the lowest world
Holy the black bridge which leads to your kingdom of ice
Holy your great work, the duty of honour and majesty.
I bow to your light and shadow,
the bones and the flesh fused,
a sacred reflection of all which lies in the psyche of man.
I taste the bitter apples from your dark orchard
and see my own face in your blade. 

Sweet mother of darkness and death, be with me now.


Holy half-maiden of the lowest realm,
Give me release, acceptance, strength and surrender.


EM said...

love this pic :)
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Sophia Ton said...

I really like your Blog! Awesome Photos and interesting Stuff. Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC? If yes please tell me and i follow back. Lets stay in touch. :)

Greetings Sophia xx
M Y B L O G.
I N S T A G R A M.

AVY said...

I always imagined the world as a kingdom of ice.

/ Avy